Firefly Electric & Lighting Corporation (FELCO)

Established in 2001 to engage in the marketing and sale of various lighting and electrical products in the Philippines. We provide cost-effective, quality solutions to customers with any kind of electrical or lighting requirement.

Over the years, we have expanded our product lines to now consist of a wide range of lighting and electrical solutions through the brand names of Firefly, Royu, Sassin, and Firefly LED, which was eventually followed by Lemnis Ellipz Lighting and Schneider Electric.


To light up more worlds by providing
Filipinos with affordable and durable
lighting and power solutions.


Customer Satisfaction


Continuous Improvement





At FELCO, people come first. This applies internally to our employees, and externally to our customers. Our people are provided with the support necessary for them to realize their potentials, with the end goal of providing the best services to our customers.

Our Products

Our products go through rigorous testing procedures and conform to the highest international standards. That is why every time you buy a FELCO product; you are assured that you get the best value for your money.

Our products are available through these highly regarded, reputable channels:

Trade Accounts

We have ties with more than 8,000 hardware and electrical stores all over the Philippines

Key Accounts

We have partnerships with more than 500 do-it-yourself (DIYs) outlets located in malls, supermarkets, and department stores, as well as standalone DIY outlets nationwide.

Project Accounts

We cater to the needs of architects, electrical consultants, contractors, developers, interior designers, homeowners, as well as government and corporate accounts.

Aside from our office in Manila, we also operate satellite offices in nine cities across the archipelago.